Radekal App works the way Physicians were trained at

Medical School

Radekal automatically provides compliance, including MACRA - MIPS!



           No Need for After-Hours Paperwork 

Radekal automatically generates the NOTE before the patient leaves the exam room

Radekal's easy Tap / Click graphical interface:

Each note is unique and personal to that patient encounter – the note stands up to RAC audits.

The lexicon used for generation covers the complete English language as well as specialized medical terminology.

The NLG system is built using time-tested natural language techniques.

The note is written in natural English prose, not in sentence fragments or canned texts.

They include treatment plans and follow SOAP methodology.

They become a permanent part of the patient’s history.

The note becomes an auditable part of the visit.

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The Nation's Leading Productivity App for Physicians

Radekal App is an auto-documentation tool for Physicians that reduces paperwork, automatically provides compliance and runs on any platform or device.

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We looked at dozens of systems, but Fanestra won our practice over with its unprecedented combination of medical sophistication and ease of use. It’s like writing on the patient chart, but now the information and medical history is immediately stored in the patient database. You can learn Radekal in a day. Every other system we saw takes months to learn.

Jeff Wassermann
MD, Medical Director, Dallas


I have seen 100's of EHR's and used many. I was amazed when i saw Radekal. It is a great example of an EHR/Productivity Technology Tool. With more than 4,000 drill down anatomic diagrams linked to diagnostic algorithms, this leads the provider and engaged patients through an expedited clinical encounter. It markedly speeds up the clinical visit easily by 30%, has the visit fully documented, coded at the highest audit levels in real time ready for me to sign off. this allows me to concentrate on the patient, see and spend more time with patients and not have my head buried in a computer. "

What a                    idea

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Finished notes in Radekal App are comprehensive.

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Radekal App has Natural Language Generator feature which means:

Our easy to use Radekal App will get you up and running in just 20 minutes!

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Eliminates / reduces typing

Collects discrete data for

NOTE generation & compliance